The School of Food held a symposium for retired veteran comrades in Chongyang Festival
Time: 2023-10-16 Author: Views: 311


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October 27,As the Chung Yeung Festival is coming,Food Institute invited retired veteran comrades to hold a symposium in the conference room on the second floor of the South Campus,Commonly celebrate Chung Yeung Festival。More than 40 w88 sports betting appretired old comrades at the original grain school attended the discussion。

Li Bingyi, Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Food, Li Bingyi, on behalf of the college to the retired old comrades with holiday greetings and blessings,Express my sincere thanks for the hard -working sweats paid for the development and construction of the school in the past。He introduced the process of restoring and reconstruction of the Food Academy to the retired veteran comrades、The construction and development of the college and the current work of the college and the next step of work focus。I hope that the old comrades will be under the premise of ensuring w88 online sports bettingphysical health,Care, as always、Support the development of the School of Food,Actively provide suggestions for the development of the college。Deputy Director Zhou Hongyue of the retirement work office introduced the development of various tasks of the retirement work office,conveyed the school's care for old comrades,I wish the old comrades healthy longevity。

Old Comrade Zhang Hai Geng、Wu Wenzhi and other speeches,Expressing the joy and excitement of the restoration and reconstruction of the School of Food,and give the college's achievements in such a short period of time to affirmation,One after another said to dedicate w88 online sports bettingto the development of the college,Give play to the residual heat。Retired veteran comrade representative Wu Yihua、Chen Longhe, etc. also prepared poetry recitation、Singing and other performance programs,The symposium ended in a warm and harmonious atmosphere。