Scientific Research Team

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 According to the development plan of the School of Food, forBetter the advantages of the team, hereby set the following teams

Grain storage technology and quality control

Main research direction

 (1) Basic theoretical research of grain storage technology: The focus is on the relationship between food and grain storage ecological factors、The characteristics and regulation theory of grain、Various storage technology and application principles。

2) According to grain and oil storage ecological theory and group science technology,Basic theoretical research on the quality of the quality of grain and oil quality,Reveal the laws of inferior grain and oil quality,Put forward a new indicator of grain and oil quality control、New parameters,and develop cutting -edge detection、Control Technology。

3) For the purpose of ensuring food safety,Research on the main factor and control factor that causes inferior food quality,Reveal related development rules,Develop the corresponding detection w88 online sports bettingand control technology。

4) Following a new theory related to the quality of grain and oil at home and abroad、New Technology,Follow hot issues that cause food safety,New technologies and related equipment for research and development of grain and oil quality (quality) inspection and control。

Storage objects insects and pest control

Main research direction

Classification of insects from storage objects、Biology and pest prevention、Three basic channels for pest detection and pest killing to carry out ecology of storage insects、Basic Studies on the Comprehensive Governance Technology of Physiology and its other pests。Demand for the construction of food science and engineering disciplines,Grain and products、Oil and products、Food、medicinal materials、Ganjian fruity、Storage materials such as local products and the technical foundation and principle of pest control technology in related places、Technology and equipment、Application Technology and Condition Studies。Demand for the construction of agricultural insects and pest control disciplines,Perform storage and insect classification、Biology、Studies such as ecology and physiology,Carry out pest detection、Management prevention、Chemical Control、Physical Control、Biological prevention、Quarantine Prevention、Basic theory and technical basic research of gas -conditioned insecticide,Carry out related application technology、Technology、Equipment and Application Research。

The theory and technology of deep processing theory of grain and oil

Main research direction

1) Functional food processing theory and quality control technology: focus on the development of rice、wheat、Corn、Functional ingredients of food such as oats and buckwheats such as biological ingredients,Reveal germination、Modern biotechnology such as enzyme engineering efficient and enrich functional ingredients,Put forward a new process of functional food processing,Constructing w88 online sports bettinga traceable grain and oil food processing safety management system。

2) Natural product components and functional foods: surrounding grain and oil processing by -product resources,Perform protein、High -value Utilization of Biomatrims such as starch and dietary fiber,Establishing a separation of biological active substances in garden and oil processing by -products、Purification method,Disposal the structure relationship and mechanism of biological active substances,and combined with the new technology of modern food processing,Develop nutrition、Functional Foods of Healthy and Safety。

3) All grain food: focus on the development of rice、wheat、Owan and other whole grain food research,Explore the influence mechanism of all grain food nutrition and health factor on human health,Establishing a new technology of all grain food processing。

 Grain fermentation technology and high -value utilization

Main research direction

1) Traditional grain fermentation food brewing mechanism Research: Start from the flavor group of traditional brewed food,Explore various traditional fermented food brewing mechanisms,Forming the system of fermentation technology formed by the system。

2) Selection and application of fermentation bacteria: focus on traditional grain fermented food,Use multiple groups of combination analysis、Molecular biology and other means to identify bacteria、Choosing Breeding、Metabolic features and mechanism research,and use biological reinforcement。

3) The optimization and modernization of traditional fermentation process: to obtain high output、The conversion rate of high substrates and high production strength is relatively unified as the target,Optimize the fermentation process。For the development of new types of fermentation intelligent equipment,Modernization and upgrading of traditional fermentation technology。

4) New type of fermentation product development: Insight the future development trend of the industry,Filter w88 online sports bettingFunctional Functional Equipment,Development series of new fermented products,Improve the added value of grain fermentation products。

 ※Grain and oil food detection technology and application

Main research direction

1) Based on chromatography、Quality spectrum、Near -infrared spectrum and other instrument platforms,Constructing grain, oil, food and wine、Vinegar、The characteristic fingerprint map of fermented foods such as sauce,Confirm the source of grain and oil and its products、Quality Evaluation、Dading and Mixture of Mixing and Franchise provides new technologies and new methods。

 (2) Pay attention to the development status of domestic and foreign grain, oil and food safety hazards,Research main hazardous factor pollution conditions and degree of hazards,Follow the new theory of domestic and foreign grain and oil food test、New mechanism and new dynamics,Combined with the new nano structure andSERSTesting method、Immunology detection method,Explore the changes and response laws of the target ingredients,Effective development of grain and oil food/Harmatic ingredients specific spectrum, non -destructive, fast detection technology.

 (3) Focus on fluorescent nanomaterials、Adapted body sensor、The cutting -edge research of the machine vision and the detection dynamics of the toxic and harmful substances in grain and oil food and its fermentation products,Explore the response mechanism of targets and sensors and machine vision,Analyze the Mechanism of Micro theory Signals,Build macro、Quick、Non -destructive machine visual detection system,R & D fast detection smart device。

Food and oil food safety and nutritional health

Main research direction

1) Research on the Control and Reduction Control of Food Harm Harm: Safety Risk Factors for Food and Oils and Food,Study high -precision identification molecular library construction technology based on nucleic acid adaptive ligands,Establish a typical hazard rapid screening method; carry out the control w88 sports betting apptechnology of risk factors,Study the control of risk factors and product safety evaluation of different processing methods。

2) Functional grain and oil food processing safety and quality control technology: Focus on the development of food functional ingredients, biomedic enrichment,Efficient extraction and separation of food functional factors,The law of the components during food processing,Study on the development of whole grain food and impact on human health。

3) Research on the nutrition mechanism and health function of grain and oil food: Focus on the development of grain, oil food absorption and transfer and metabolic mechanism,Food and oil food health efficacy and functional factor mining and the impact mechanism for human health,Development Nutrition、Healthy and safe functional grain, oil, food and food raw materials。

4) Food Safety Laws and Regulations and Standard Comprehensive Research: Research Management and Product System in the establishment of grain and oil food processing enterprises、Implementation and certification,The prevention and control strategy of cross -pollution in the food factory,Construct w88 online sports bettinga traceable grain and oil food processing safety management system。

Grain industry economy and food circulation safety

Main research direction

1) Major theory of reserves around grain and materials、major system and major issues,Strategic issues of food and material reserve、Soft Science Project Study。

2) Facing food safety、Challenges brought by supply chain management and globalization,Study on major policy projects such as national food security policy。

3) Serving the development of the modern grain circulation industry,Carry out the reform of grain circulation and material reserve system、Enterprise management and related laws、Study on Regulations and Policy and System。

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