The School of Food held the 2017 "Minghe Freshman Scholarship" awards ceremony and alumni report meeting
Time: 2023-10-16 Author: Chen Shiming Sun Shengyuan Li Bingbing Views: 34

On the afternoon of December 19,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology University of Food 2017 The Awards Ceremony and Alumni Report of the "Minghe Freshman Scholarship" was held in the academic lecture hall of the West Campus,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology、Vice President Tang Jian,Zhou Chunyan, Director of the Student Office,Vice Chairman of the Trade Union Wei Youzhang、Li Bingyi, Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Food and Outstanding Alumni of our school、Zhang Hanle, Chairman of Nanjing Minghe Hospital Investment Management Co., Ltd. attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Zhang Guochang, deputy dean of the School of Food。

will be on,Li Bingyi, Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Food, Li Bingyi, on w88 online sports bettingbehalf of the college, as a student work summary。2017,The college focuses on stable professional ideas,Taking the excellent learning style as the fundamental,Taking the quality of students with a comprehensive improvement,Effective integration of resources,Carry out various tasks。Secretary Li specifically praised the students who have won the honor in various activities in the summary,Guide students from the whole school to learn from these excellent examples,Forming a talent in the whole hospital、Study over、Fight for advanced good atmosphere。

Zhou Chunyan, Director of the Student Office, read the award decision of the 2017 "Minghe Freshman Scholarship",Congratulations to the winners。Chairman Zhang Hanle awarded 10,000 yuan award for 10 students。

Gong Yuchen, a student of Food Quality and Safety, Speaking on behalf of the college students,Care for、The majority of alumni of the School of Food w88 sports bettingAcademy of Food and Food Express Express,Expressed myself to learn from outstanding alumni、Belief and determination to work hard。

Vice President Tang Jian to the generous pocket、Chairman Zhang Hanle, who donated funds and the construction of the Grain Academy、The vast number of alumni who enthusiastically reward their alma mater, thank you。Vice President Tang fully affirmed the achievements achieved by various tasks since the establishment of the School of Food,I also hope that students are grateful,Repeated efforts,Adhering to "Du Xue Mingde、The "school motto spirit,Early talent、Give back the alma mater、Return to society。

After the awards ceremony,Chairman Zhang Hanle brought a wonderful report of "My entrepreneurial life" to the students。

It is reported,Chairman Zhang Hanle donated 1 million yuan for RMB,Established the "Minghe Education Reward Fund" at the School w88 online casino bettingof Food of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,It aims to reward outstanding students and outstanding teachers at the School of Food,Fund is divided into "Minghe Fresh Scholarship"、"Minghe Excellent Student Scholarship" and "Minghe Awards"。The "Minghe Freshman Scholarship" issued this time is used to reward A volunteer (first volunteer) to apply for all majors of the School of Grain、Admission scores are ranked among the candidates of the freshmen of the School of Food。