Nanjing Minghe Hospital Investment Management Co., Ltd. Zhang Hanle alumni visit our hospital
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May 29,Out of our school's outstanding alumni、Zhang Hanle, Chairman of Nanjing Minghe Hospital Investment Management Co., Ltd.A group visiting our hospital. All leaders and related personnel of the School of Food attended the discussion.

In the discussion,Secretary Liang Zhongchen first welcomed all the teachers and students of the college to the visit of Chairman Zhang Hanle,and introduced the development of the School of Food and the relocation of the new w88 online sports bettingcampus to the alumni,The concern for the development of Chairman Zhang to the development of the Academy of Food and his alma mater, expressing noble respect and thanks。

Chairman Zhang Hanle recalls the school running course of Zhenjiang Grain School and the learning situation of his alma mater,Professional construction of the School of Food、The achievements achieved by the teachers and talent training are happy,and put forward suggestions on the further development of the college,It means that it will care about and support the construction and development of the School of Food as always。    

After the meeting,Chairman Zhang Hanle also communicated with some student representatives,Chairman Zhang and the junior students who are w88 online sports bettinginterested in employment are increasing from individuals、Employment options have conducted in -depth talks,and combined with my own years of work、Venture experience to guide and help,In addition, he also tells the students about his study、Work experience and turning in work,Putting hope for the college students with their own experience,He recalled: "I enrolled in 82 years,Zhenjiang Grain School began enrollment in 1981,Like you now,I was also a student when the college was just founded,So I am very emotional for you,I hope you can study professional knowledge and skills carefully at school,Inheritance and carry forward the spirit of the older generation,Both the postgraduate entrance examination and work can be persistent,w88 online casino bettingGo to success,Future return、Dedicated society! "

Zhang Hanle is professor of deep blue in our school,Former Zhenjiang Grain School 8221 Alumni。In 2017, donated 1 million to our hospital to set up the "Minghe Education Reward Fund",Reward our outstanding teachers who have excellent school students and teaching and scientific research performance in our college。

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