Postgraduate Huanbao -Starlight is not up to passers -by,Tiandao pay diligence and good sound
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Lose the Xinghe to dream, and the decisive battle to Tianming.


Starlight does not ask the passers -by, kung fu is not responsible for people,

Academy of Food2023 Graduate postgraduate entrance examinations w88 sports betting appw88 online casino bettingwill achieve better results!

Long postgraduate entrance examination,

They firmly believe,

There is no other shore, there is no far away.


Happy News,

Let's take a look together!

2023Academy of FoodUndergraduate graduates advanced to achieve a good performance,The number of students in advanced 47 people,Advancement rate47.96%, admitted schools includeNanjing University, Sichuan UniversityJilin University, South China University of TechnologyJiangnan UniversityNorthwest University, Guizhou University, Nanjing Normal Universityand other well -known universities,Among them, level 2019Food quality and safety1ClassAmong 26 peopleYes14 people are admitted to graduate students,The advancement rate reached 53.85%, and it was achievedCollegeNew breakthroughs in postgraduate entrance examination work.

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CollegeFrom the beginning of the firstPitePay attention to the postgraduate publicity mobilization,Guide students to actively contact the mentor to enter the laboratory early、Early Entry TitleGroup、Early enter the scientific research team,Invite experts in the field of food inside and outside the school to give lectures,Interview with outstanding postgraduate students, etc.。Always w88 online sports bettingw88 sports betting apptake the graduate exam as an important starting point for strengthening the construction of the style of study,constantlyImprove the quality of talent trainingTake the postgraduate entrance examination asPromote students to realize high -level employment20365_20370


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All aspects of helping students scientifically and effective preparation for war

During the starting and preparation stage,LearningCourtyard development2022 Experience Exchange Exchange Meeting "and"2023 Examination Mobilization Conference" and other series of activities,Analyze the postgraduate entrance examination situation for students in advance、Popularized postgraduate knowledge,It is a student's college、Professional selection provides effective suggestions。Through summer condolences and postgraduate entrance examinationCreate the atmosphere of the postgraduate entrance examination,Enhance students' postgraduate confidence,Effectively help students solve the difficulties encountered in learning in time。With thisAt the same time,The college focuses on cultivating students' scientific and practical ability and innovative consciousness,Relying on undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurial project,Create a strong w88 sports bettingw88 online casino bettingatmosphere of scientific and technological innovation,Improve students' core competitiveness,Help students stand out in the postgraduate re -examination。

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Multi -measures and help the postgraduate exam for postgraduate entrance examination

For online retests,The School of Food Choose through the venue、Equipment debug、Network guarantee、Time deployment and other aspects of consideration,Fully guarantee to do a good job of guaranteeing the service work of each re -examination student。Demand for re -examination students for independent space and smooth network,Provide an independent room for re -examination students,With tables and chairs、Equipment bracket、Test paper、Power supply、Wired network and wireless network coverage。At the same time,For the first time the candidate faces offline re -examination this year,Hold in timePostgraduate workPromotion Meeting,Teachers of the United College conduct experimental operation guidance,View to add confidence to the postgraduate students。

One -to -one help postgraduate entrance examination"Last Mile"

After the re -examination is issued,College leaders、Grade Counselor、The postgraduate instructor and academic instructor carried out the collection from information w88 online sports bettingw88 online sports bettingfor the first time、Adjustment thinking、Adjustment skills、Re -test preparation and other aspects"One -to -one" adjustment guidance,Help postgraduate students recognize the situation、Adjust the mentality、Clear direction,Provide a warm and personalized guidance and service for postgraduate students。

Permissions and one point of harvest,GrainThe college sincerely wish the students who are admitted to the graduate students to learn in the future professional field,also expects at the same timeCollegeStudents use this as an example, with dreams as horses, live up to Shaohua!

May the grain college students who successfully take the postgraduate entrance examination look like a brocade,The top of academic。I also hope that the grain college students who are preparing to take the postgraduate entrance examination will take the seniors and sisters as a role model,Break the waves,Create a glory!