Two papers of Dr. Li Zhanming of the School of Food of our school were selected into ESI high -being quoted thesis
Time: 2023-06-27 Author: Guan Hua Nan Views: 234

According toKe Rui Wei'an official2023year6Monthly releasedLatestESIHigh -quotation threshold,My schoolAcademy of Food-Grain and Oil FoodSafetyand nutrition teamDr. Li Zhanming, a young teacher, as the first authorTwo articlesArticleSelectedESIHighly quoted thesis.This result indicates,Academy of Food-Grain and Oil FoodSafetyand nutrition teamThe scientific research results have gradually possessed industry influence

    Thesis "Unique ROLES in Health Promotion of Dietary Flavonoids Through Gut Microbiota w88 sports betting appRegulation: Current UNDERTANDING and FURSPECTIVES"Published in the Chinese Academy of Sciences1AreaTOPJournalFood Chemistryif9.231, this paperAccurate clarificationMechanism of the intestinal flora regulating meal flavonoids,Use the simulation digestive system to evaluate the food matrix-Flavonoid interaction under regulation of digestive metabolism,Comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of the role of dietary flavonoids in metabolic environments; at the same time, useMultiple groups of integrated analysis and intelligent algorithms reveal the theoretical molecular mechanism of dietary flavonoids to regulate the intestinal flora,Determine the response of individuals in different intestinal micro -ecological backgrounds。This paperIt provides new insights w88 online casino bettingto w88 online sports bettingclarify how dietary flavonoids regulate the intestinal flora and the intestinal flora to improve the health status,It is expected to provide theoretical guidance for promoting the development of functional foods to precise nutritional directions。

    Thesis "Speciation, Transportation, And Pathways of Cadmium in Soil-Rice Systems: A Review on the Environmental ImplicationS and Remediation Approaches for Food Safety"Published in the Chinese Academy of Sciences1AreaTOPJournalENVIRONMENT Internationalif13.352. This paperExplore soil-The shape, transportation and path of cadmium in the rice system,ExplainedSoil-Earth chemical ingredients and forms of cadmium in the rice system, as well as factors to control the effectiveness of cadmium biology, exploreThe transportation path and conversion mechanism w88 online sports bettingof cadmium from the soil w88 slot onlineto the rice, as well as related human health risks, revealTransit protein participating in cadmium accumulation and transportation and its important role in reducing rice on cadmium absorption to achieve food safety, provided at the same timeReduce the soil-The effective repair method of the potential cadmium pollution environment and human health risks in the rice system。

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