w88 sports betting appThe School of Food Hosted "Re -Gather Alma Mater,Pin new appearance today "Graduation 20th Anniversary Alumni Return to School Symposium
Time: 2023-10-15 Author: Fu Yuhui Cao Jingyi Views: 34

  "Shiwei October,Preface to San Qiu ",At the time of the 90th anniversary of the school,The School of Food ushered in the original School of Applied Technology's Commodity Monitoring and Business Major 00320011/12 Alumni Graduation of the 20th Anniversary of Graduation of Alumni Return to School。In the afternoon of October 14,"Gathering the first alma mater,Pin New Appearance today's 20th Anniversary Alumni Return to School Symposium was held in the Conference Room of the Food Academy,More than 20 alumni Jiji,Rehabilitation of the same window friendship。Li Bingyi, former Party Secretary of the School of Food、Original Commodity Monitoring and Business Director Sheng Fuxing,Former teacher Gu Xiangyu、Gui Chunxi、Gong Fangfang,Class Teacher Chu Qian and the secretary of the w88 online casino bettingparty branch of the School of Food、Dean Lu Yujie and others attended the meeting,The meeting was chaired by Yu Yongguang, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Food。

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   Yu Yongguang represents a warm welcome to the alumni who attended the meeting,I have expressed my heartfelt thanks to alumni for their long -term care and support。Dean Lu Yujie introduced the development of the college,and the construction of discipline、Talent introduction、Gets achieved in talent training,Invite alumni to participate in the construction of the college。Alumni development from work development、Work perception、Remember in school、Thanksgiving alma mater training and other aspects shared my experience after graduation,Looking back on the past of studying at my alma mater,The teachings of the Divine Master、Thanksgiving alma mater training。They mentioned,The study at the alma mater not only w88 online casino bettinglaid a solid foundation for knowledge and skills,More importantly, developed rigorous and serious habits。I feel relieved of the achievements of the college,It is also full of expectations,Will continue to care and support the development of the college。Teachers welcome the alumni、Thanks and blessings,They said that the commodity monitoring and business majors 00320011/12 Alumni are participants and witnesses of the college's reform and development。The development achievement of the School of Food,Condensing the wisdom and hard work of the teachers and students of the whole hospital,cannot be separated from the sincere help of alumni。Alumni use their own dedication to society,Added color to the title of "Grain Academy",We will always be proud of the alumni,Blessing alumni will achieve greater results in the future,Life is happier。

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  The state implements the strategy of food security w88 online sports bettingand rural revitalization,provides a rare opportunity and stage for the development of the college。College will strengthen alumni work,Support for the development of alumni,For the development of the college's development and expand running platform and resources,firm confidence、Struggle,Live up to the earnest expectations of all alumni,Keep the construction "attractive to students、Contribution to the industry、Let the alumni have a sense of glory、Influential colleges that are influential at home and abroad ", unremitting struggle!