The Department of Food Safety and Food and Workers successfully completed the graduation of the undergraduate thesis.
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From3Start in early month,The Department of Food Safety and Food Industry deployed carefully in accordance with the requirements of the school2024Graduation thesis (design) of food quality and safety and grain engineering undergraduate engineering, opening questions,All thesis instructor attended the defense meeting。The defense will be divided into according to the college team5Big Group,w88 sports betting app​​Organized by the person in charge of each team completed this defense activity,Each team balances the number of groups,To ensure the time of defense and defense effect。The person in charge of each group first explained the significance and requirements of the opening question,Subsequently, each classmate conducted on -site defense based on their respective topics,Elaborate graduation thesis (design)Purpose、meaning、Design and experimental scheme,Focus on introducing the technical route and implementation of the experiment。Each student is carefully prepared,Emotionally reported the content of your own thesis。Defense team Teachers according to the content of the student's report,w88 online casino bettingI questioned students,and proposed the shortcomings of technical routes and experiments or design,Put forward the idea of ​​improvement。After the report is over, each team leader summarizes the common problems existing in student papers or design,and improvement suggestions and opinions,and ask the instructor to carefully urge students to complete the rectification。

The paper opening question is an important part of students to complete the graduation thesis (design) supervision and assessment,The shortcomings of the dissertation and design can be discovered early、Early improvement、Early improvement,Graduation of Students/Design feasibility、Technical route、Workload、w88 online sports bettingSurgery arrangement, etc. For reasonable improvement,in order to cast the last card for students to graduate,Good last lesson,Make sure students successfully complete the graduation thesis link,Improve students' scientific research literacy and graduation thesis level。

                                                                                              (Food Safety Department  Guo Yuan's writing)

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