The School of Food is recommended to participate in 2024 provincial provincial three good students、Excellent student cadres、Outstanding w88 online casino bettinggraduates w88 slot onlineand collective selection results of advanced class
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According to "About Development2024 provincial three good students in Jiangsu Province、Excellent student cadres、Excellent graduate、Notice of the Requirement of the Recommended Recommendation of Collective Selection of Advanced Class,Application for personal or class、Learning and Industry Office Qualification for preliminary review、Public defense on the spot、College evaluation and evaluation work group review and other links,Recommended w88 slot onlineby the School of Food, Zhang w88 sports betting appYanqi, participated in the selection of provincial outstanding graduates of ordinary universities in Jiangsu Province in 2024,Recommended Zhang Su to participate in the selection of provincial outstanding student cadres in the general university of Jiangsu Province in 2024,Recommended 2122121021 Class to participate in the collective selection of provincial advanced classes of ordinary universities in Jiangsu Province in 2024。

    Publicity Time:April 11, 2024 to April 13

    If there is any objection,Please reflect to the Student Work Office of w88 sports bettingthe School of Food at the w88 slot onlineSchool of Food in writing or call。

    Contact information:0511-85620092

    Contact: Teacher Zhao