The college leader went to the grain reserve enterprise to visit the internship student
Time: 2024-04-16 Author: He Peihuan Views: 10

    In order to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the college and the enterprise,4month12Director Lu Yujie, our hospital, and his party to visit the National Grain Reserve Library in Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang, to visit the research,and visited students w88 slot onlinewho are internship in business。

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    Visit,Dean Lu deeply learned from the company's food reserves,Special and inquired in detail the students' internship and harvest。Enterprise fully affirmed and encouraged the internship performance of students。Student Chen Jiajun said,In an internship experience of an enterprise,Not only increased professional knowledge,It also trained team cooperation awareness and practical ability,Benefiting a lot。

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