w88 online casino bettingw88 online casino bettingChairman of the Provincial Food and Oils Association Xia Chunsheng and his party came to our school for work exchange
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April 18,Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC of Jiangsu Province、Deputy Director of the Population Resources and Environment Committee、w88 online casino bettingw88 online casino bettingChairman of the Provincial Food and Oils Association Xia Chunsheng and his party came to our school for work exchange。Vice President Shi Weidong and the School of Food、Journal Agency's main responsible comrades and relevant personnel attended the exchange meeting。The meeting was chaired by Vice President Shi Weidong。

Vice President Shi Weidong extended a warm welcome to Chairman Xia Chunsheng and his party,For the Provincial Grain Reserve、The Provincial Grain and Oils Association has long cared about the school、Support expressing heartfelt thanks,and introduced the visiting guests to the school's school history and high -quality development in recent years,I hope that the two parties will work in the cooperation w88 slot onlinein the w88 online sports bettingfuture、Ceremony Occupational Level Identification、Platform construction and other aspects to further strengthen cooperation。

Provincial Grain Reserve 1 -level investigator、Secretary -General of the Provincial Food and Oils Association Li YanguangIntroduction to both partiesCooperationDevelopment situation, heSaid, "Modern Flour Industry" journal transferIAfter the school is renamed "Food and Oil Science and Engineering"Journal coverFace further expand,Closer to the development requirements of the current new productivity,I hope that the journal can better serve the food industry in the future,BecomePromotionWindow of technological innovation and development of new productive productivity。At the same time,His to our schoolThe first grain and oilVocational skills level recognition workThe good results obtained alsoGive full affirmation

Lu Yujie, Dean of the w88 slot onlineSchool of Food、President of the w88 sports betting appJournal Club Wu Jie respectively on our school's grain and oil vocational skills level recognition work and"Grain and Oil Science and Engineering" journalReporting the journal situation,and make some specific suggestions on the development and cooperation of future work and cooperation。SubsequentThe two sides continue to carry out the professional skills level identification and concentrationSchool grain and oilDisciplinary advantages run the journal "Grain and Oil Science and Engineering" and increase the popularity of its industry's popularity for in -depth exchanges and discussions,Both parties expressed hope in the futureFurtherGreed the channels for cooperationIncrease cooperation.

Chairman Xia Chunsheng thanks to our school's enthusiastic reception,In recent years of Jiangke UniversityHigh -quality developmentThe series of achievements obtained are appreciated. w88 sports betting appHe pointed out, Jiangke UniversityThe w88 online casino bettingindustry has distinctive characteristics,Have many advantageous disciplines,There is a lot of cooperation space for both parties,The Provincial Food and Oils Association is willing to build a platform,Give full play to their own advantages,In technical promotion,Ceremony Occupational Level Identificationand other aspects​​In -depth exchanges and cooperation,Work together for the development of Jiangsu's grain industry。

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