The School of Food to Jiangnan Midao Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out special operations for visiting enterprises and promoting employment
Time: 2024-04-26 Author: Zhao Yalang Views: 14

4month25Day,Dean Lu Yujie, Dean of the School of Food、Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch Yu Yongguang、Director Jia Junqiang, director of the Food Engineering Department, etc., went to Yixing City, Jiangsu Province to carry out special operations for visiting enterprises to promote employment,On -site visit to investigate Jiangnan Midao Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd.,Carrying w88 sports betting appout industry -university -research exchanges and cooperation,Deepen school -enterprise work、Supply and demand docking,Promote graduates with high quality employment。

Jiangnan Midao Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd. is a family with a low developmentgiFunctional and nutritional healthy rice is the lead,Collection of scientific research、Planting、Production、Processing、Modern technology innovation enterprises produced in the whole industrial chain model produced in one。

Before the exchange meeting,At the School of Food and Food, a group of Healthy Life Experience Museums of Jiangnan Midao, accompanied by General Manager Chen Yuan,Both parties to rice culture、lowgiDiscussion w88 online sports bettingon the process of rice processing and the concept of health scientific meal。

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At the symposium,General Manager Chen Yuan introduced the company's development generally、Product types and performance in the field of healthy functional food。Dean Lu Yujie set up professional settings for the college、Teachers Team、Scientific research results、Talent training and other aspects made a key introduction。Deputy Secretary Yu Yongguang introduced the employment of the college students in detail,I hope the company can provide support for employment。The two parties have established an employment internship base、Carry out scientific research cooperation、Cultivation of composite talents and w88 sports betting appother aspects for negotiation。

Employment is the biggest people's livelihood,The School of Food will continue to work hard to dig more job resources for graduates,Provide more high -quality and precise employment information,Promoting graduates with more sufficient and high quality employment。