Go to the "Grassroots Mountains and Seas" with "hot and hot" -The 2024 School of Food College Western Plan for Plan
Time: 2024-04-30 Author: Zhang Su, Xu Mengqi, Sheng Jinming Views: 10

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isGuide and encourage graduates to go to the grassroots、Working to the countryside,Active integration into the overall national development,Actively participate in rural revitalization,4month28The School of Food Food is in440The conference room and Mengxi Branch were held simultaneously to go to the "Grassroots Mountains and Seas" western w88 online sports bettingw88 online sports bettingplan for "hot and hot"。League Committee of the School of FoodViceSecretary Wu Zhaowen, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology24Li Jincheng, head of the graduate student branch group,Western Plan Volunteer Mao Ling,Member of the School of Food、Entrepreneurship activists、Students of Qingma Engineering,24Graduates attended this lecture.

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    At the lecture, Wu Zhaowen
TeacherBrief introduction"Western Plan"and"Rural Revitalization Plan"Related policies and work development。She said that youth is the future of the country,I hope to pass this lecture,Students can deeply understandDedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progressVolunteer Spiritallow w88 online sports bettingw88 online sports bettingyouth to bloom in dedication, and the value shines in voluntary.
    During the event,Li Jincheng and Mao Ling shared their volunteer service experience with their students,and how to participate in the "Western Plan" and the support group、The guarantee mechanism、Service content、Selection process, etc., introduced in detail。Go to the "North Xinjiang" in China -Li Jincheng, who is teaching in Inner Mongolia, said that he has been teaching for one year,Self -education lifetime,This year's support experience becomesHeStudent era has a extraordinary page, moreHeThe future of life is expanded.

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    By participating in this lecture,Students of the Food Institute have a clearer understanding w88 slot onlinew88 online casino bettingof the specific content of the Western Plan。Our hospital will continue to pay attention to student development,Inspired the majority of students withThe spirit of "hot and hot", go to the "grassroots mountainSea", let the youthful power bloom in the most needed place for the motherland!