The School of Food held 2024 Reception Commendation and 2025 Postgraduate Mobilization Conference
Time: 2024-05-20 Author: Zhao Yalang Views: 10

5month16Day afternoon,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology University of Food at the Changshan Campus LibraryB101Hold2024Concerts and commendation and2025Graduate Study Mobilization Conference。"Minghe Education Reward Fund" sponsor、My hospital1984Alumni、Mr. Zhang Hanle, Chairman of Nanjing Minghe Hospital Investment Management Co., Ltd.,Liang Zhongchen, Party Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Food、Dean Lu Yujie、Deputy Dean Yu Yongjian、Deputy Dean Zhang Xiaowei、Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch Yu Yongguang、Director of various departments、Class teacher、Counselor、2020Level and2021Level student representatives attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Wu Zhaowen, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Food。

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Secretary Liang Zhongchen first expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to Chairman Zhang Hanle on behalf of the college,Express sincere congratulations w88 online casino bettingto the winners and students,and introduced the school's running school in recent years。Subsequent,He focused on the original intention and meaning of the establishment of the "Minghe Education Reward Fund",I hope all the winners can keep in mind the entrustment,Remove youth forces,Ideal、For the responsibility、The hardships、The attitude of the struggler,To ensure food safety、Daily Chinese rice bowls make their own contribution。

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Deputy Secretary Yu Yongguang read the commendation decision,Later Chairman Zhang Hanle、Secretary Liang Zhongchen presented awards for teachers and students who won commendations。

Excellent teacher representative Yu Yan said the classmatesEquivalence and efforts, rational positioning, hard work,I hope that students will combine the climbing and looking at the same footsteps,Examine the overall overall in the distance and Wangyuan、Placing direction,Get the bottom gas in the down -to -earth、Go forward steadily。

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Excellent student w88 sports betting appon behalf of Ma Yinxing shared the journey and experience of the postgraduate entrance examination,I hope that the younger brothers and sisters can grasp the pace of their lives,Make the right choice when the right time,Take the right attitude on the basis of the correct choice。

Dean Lu Yujie introduced the college's talent training in recent years,She first right2024The session of the further studies made a summary analysis, and then2025The postgraduate review of the students proposed "rational school selection: positioning ideals and reality", "practical review: focus on the foundation and improvement", "adjustment of mentality: maintain positive and optimism", "combination of labor and rest: pursuing health and efficiency" four suggestions。

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At the end of the meeting,Chairman Zhang Hanle and the leaders of the conference、Teachers and students took a group photo together in front of the library。

After the meeting,Chairman Zhang Hanle and the student representatives at the college building436Exchange w88 online sports bettingdiscussions。Chairman Zhang shared his life experience with young students,and answered the confusion of students on "occupation and majors", "postgraduate and employment", "ability and education",Message Youth Student "Fighting Route、Love a line、Drilling a line ",To achieve a combination of knowledge and action。

Minghe Education Reward FundIs from our hospital1984Alumni Mr. Zhang Hanle is grateful to alma mater、Education of Heating Education,Support the establishment of the construction and development of the alma mater's grain industry。SelfMinghe Education Reward FundSince its establishment, this year is the fourth session.35Students wonMinghe scholarship25Teachers wonMinghe awards