Time knows,Poetry of grass and trees "——
Time: 2024-05-22 Author: Zhao Yalang Zhu Zhiting Views: 10

Chunfeng like drunk,Green is full。In this vibrant and vibrant season,School University Student Psychological Association and the Food Academy Psychological w88 sports bettingAssociation w88 sports bettingjointly organized "Time to know the taste,Potted planting activities with poetic "flowers and trees。This event relies on gardening therapy,It aims to be for the students for students at the "two -point" study life,Pressure and rehabilitation minds through actual planting flowers and plants,Open a world of intimate contact with nature,Feel the charm of nature。

Under the joint publicity and promotion of the Psychological Association of the School of Food of the Academy of Food,,Total58Students who took the initiative to sign up to join this green planting ranks。At time1A w88 online sports bettingmonth w88 online sports bettingof activities,Students are not only actively investing in potted maintenance process,Also share the growth dynamics of potted plants regularly,Attach your own unique perception and experience,Created a positive upward for the campus、Follow the good atmosphere of mental health。

This flower planting activity can not only decorate the campus,Can also release the psychological pressure of students。Through this activity,The students not only learned the skills of planting grass and flowers,It even cultivated a good virtue that cares about flowers and plants。w88 slot onlineIn the w88 online casino bettingfuture,School Hearts Concord Food Academy Psychological Association will continue to work hard,Organization is more colorful、Various forms of activities,Create healthy、Optimistic、Positive campus atmosphere!

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