Inter -hospital exchanges promotes development, and learn from each other to the far away
Time: 2024-05-22 Author: Wu Zhaowen Zhang Su Views: 10

To further deepen inter -hospital exchanges and cooperation,Actively explore the path of high -quality development of the college,Strengthen students' work construction。5month15-22Day,Yu Yongguang, deputy secretary of the party branch of the School of Food、Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee Wu Zhaowen and the member of the Student Union Presidium He Yang, etc.、School of Food Science and Engineering, w88 online sports bettingNanjing w88 online sports bettingUniversity of Finance and Economics、Nanjing Normal University School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering、Nanjing Institute of Art Design for Industrial Design for research。

In all universities,Both parties share their experience and results in their work,Talent training plan、Featured development、Disciplinary competitions and group studies are fully communicated,At the same time,How to conduct quality and efficiency and exploration of student activities on the context of large food concept。Deputy Secretary Yu Yongguang expressed his gratitude for his enthusiastic reception and experience sharing of brothers colleges,and hope that colleges and universities can learn more and learn from each w88 slot onlineother、Develop w88 sports betting apphand in hand、Common progress。

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At w88 online sports bettingNanjing w88 online sports bettingUniversity of Finance and Economics and Nanjing Normal University,Both parties conduct negotiation on voluntary service cooperation,I hope to be in rural rejuvenation、Strengthening cooperation in the popularization of food nutrition and publicity of food safety department,Promoting the construction of ideological and political integration in large and middle schools,Forms a new state of labor education; at the Nanjing Academy of Arts,Both parties conducted a full research and study on the subject competition,and negotiate about cooperation in industrial art design in the future。

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Pick the stone of his mountains to attack jade,Nalar's length is already w88 online sports bettingstrong。The college will take w88 sports bettingthis exchange learning as an opportunity,Continue to strengthen contact with brother colleges,Experience and practice of digestion and absorption,Confidence to boost high -quality development,The energy of the enthusiasm for the business,Scientific planning development path,Cultivate high -quality talents for the food industry for the party and the country。