The School of Food participated in 2024 National Grain and Material Reserve Technology Activity Week
Time: 2024-05-29 Author: Wu Zhaowen Views: 10

In order to further promote the implementation of technology and talent storage,5month27-28Day,2024The main venue of the National Food and Material Reserve Science and Technology Activity Week in the National Food and Material Reserve was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi。Lu Yujie, Dean of the School of Food of my School、w88 online casino bettingDeputy Secretary of the Party Branch Yu Yongguang、Director of the Experimental Center Guan Hua Nan、Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee Wu Zhaowen was invited to participate in the meeting。

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During the meeting, the participants participated on the spot"Stimulate innovative vitality,Promoting Xingliang Xing Storage "as the theme launching ceremony。

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At the exhibition of the construction results of the national grain and material reserve colleges,The School of Food, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology shows2017The development and professional construction of the hospital since the establishment of the hospital annual recovery,and focus on displaying the ecological w88 sports betting appenvironment monitoring and early warning system of grain storage in our hospital、Rice Storage Motor Motor Chemical Real -time Monitoring and Early Warning Chip、High -functional factor eating vinegar to help healthy China three technological works。Member of the Party Group of the National Development and Reform Commission,Party Secretary of the Party Group of the State Food and Material Reserve、Director Liu Huanxin visit the booth,Dean Lu Yujie introduced the college in the grain acquisition link、Green Warehouse Technology、Entry and exit equipment、Research results obtained in the grain circulation link。Achievements have received wide attention from representatives from w88 online sports bettingthe grain industry,Interview with CCTV reporters。

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After the activity,College representatives participated in the experience exchange meeting of science and technology and talent food storage storage work site,Cooperation and docking with related food and material reserve enterprises and institutions。