"Grain" Cardiopia enters the campus clay to open a new "food" industry
Time: 2024-05-30 Author: Wu Zhaowen He Yang Fu Yuhui Views: 10

A responseThe Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, etc.Seventh MinisterYouth Guarding Chinese FoodCall, build youthful food and love food awareness, extensively carried out high -quality grain and oil science popularization activities.5month29Day,The School of Food, Jiangsu University of Science and TechnologyDeputy Secretary of the Youth League Wu Zhaowen ledat the Jingu Volunteer Service Center, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang CityVolunteers go to the Guantang Branch of Zhenjiang Experimental School to carry outGrain Master Qi ZhiPopular science enters the heart"Labor Practice Activity

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ActivityChairman of the Jindu Volunteer Service Center He YangFirst introduce the colorful food culture of all ethnic groups in my country,Leading the students for a unique placeGourmet Travels。Later under the leadership of volunteers,The students used the clay in their hands to pinch the national food in their hearts with rich imagination。

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No agricultural instability, if there is no food, it is chaoticHe YangThen explained the importance of food safety for the students and our country fromNot fulltoGood eatingLong journey,The students also explained that in the explanation of the silent payment of tens of thousands of agricultural workers behind life,More understanding of the difficulty of grain。

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Event finally,Volunteers of Zhenjiang Development and Reform Commission to studentsIntroduce the local excellent grain and oil companies and trips in life in life,Encourage childrenEat good foodGrainPay attention to food nutrition and food safety

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ActivityVolunteers2022Students of Grade Grain EngineeringGong Linjing saidIn today'w88 slot onlines increasingly abundant material life,Waste phenomenon frequency。Consolidating the awareness of the grain -saving of teenagers is urgent,This event is very happy to share with cute children and knowledge of food safety and food safety,I hope that there will be more meaningful grain science activities in the future。