The School of Food hosted in 2024 Zhenjiang City Grain and Material Reserve Technology Activities Zhoujiang University of Science and Technology
Time: 2024-05-31 Author: Zhao Yalang, Qin Yanhua Views: 54

5month31Day morning,2024Nianjiang Jiangcheng Grain and Material Reserve Science and Technology Activity Week Main venue activities were held at the Changshan Campus of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology。Sun Jialei, deputy director of the Zhenjiang Development and Reform Commission、Cao Zheng, Secretary of the School of Tea and Food and Technology, Jiangsu Agricultural Forestry Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry、Guo Yuxuan, Secretary of the Jingkou District Committee of Zhenjiang City, and the heads of relevant government departments and the heads of grain enterprises and the leaders of the School of Food attended the event,Some full -time teachers and students of the School of Food participated in the event。

This scientific and technological activity week "stimulates innovative vitality,Promoting Xingliang and Xing Storage "as the theme,In -depth implementation of national food and material reserve safety strategies,Scientific and technological innovation and talent training as the core motivation to promote the high -quality development of the grain industry。

Live,Guests at the guests visited the exhibition area of ​​grain, oil, food technology and innovation achievements、Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Technology Works Exhibition Area、Excellent graphic exhibition area of ​​themes such as Food Safety Guarantee Faculture and other themes,Focus on understanding the monitoring and early warning system of grain storage ecological environment、Rice Storage Motor Motor Chemical Real -time monitoring and early warning chip、Food3DPrinter、High functional factor vinegar、Rice Fragrant Liquor and other exhibits,and give a high evaluation of the scientific research results and talent training of the college。

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In the Laboratory of the School of Food,Guests at the participating guests visited the Vinegar wine workshop、Food Technology Lab,Taste the paper cup cake made by the students on the spot、cookies biscuits、Mung bean cake and other special foods。

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After that,​​Holding the quality testing of the grain industry quality testing and the signing ceremony and the launching ceremony of w88 sports bettingthe "childlike protection of Chinese food" grain safety science group,Take this as an opportunity,Comprehensively promote the construction of the grain quality and safety inspection and monitoring system of Zhenjiang City and the science popularization education of food safety。

In addition,The event also invited experts and scholars in the grain industry to conduct the theme lectures and exchange discussions。The Institute of Food Institute Lu Yujie, the title of "Green Warehousing Technology and Excontraction Technology Treatment Technology",In -depth analysis of the current trend of scientific and technological development in the field of grain and warehousing and challenges faced,And how to use scientific and technological innovation to overcome the impact of the season on the quality of food、Improving the level of grain and storage safety has put forward valuable opinions and suggestions。The leaders and guests of the meeting expressed,will take this activity as an opportunity,Further strengthening industry -university -research cooperation,Promote the w88 sports bettingtransformation and application of the achievements of grain science and technology innovation。

The successful holding of Zhenjiang Food and Material Reserve Technology Activity Week at home activities,Not only did it set up a display scientific and technological achievement for the grain industry、Platform of exchange and innovation experience,It is also to promote the high -quality development of the grain industry、Active contribution to ensuring the security of national food and material reserves。The School of Food will continue to adhere toScience and Technology Restaurantconcept,Strengthen scientific and technological innovation and talent training,Contribute more wisdom and strength to the prosperity and development of the food industry。