School Customs Working Committee's University Student Growth Station Entering the School of Food
Time: 2024-06-07 Author: Fu Yuhui, Zhu Zhiting Views: 10

In order to thoroughly implement the party’s 20th spirit,Further promote the growth of college studentsChengcaiandFutureDevelopment, strengthen the ideological exchanges with students,On the afternoon of June w88 sports betting app6, the Growth Station of the College Students of the School Customs Working Committee enteredAcademy of FoodOne stopStudentCommunityDevelopment"Caring for students, building dreams and sailing" growth exchange symposium.The instructor of the School Customs Working Committee Pan Yile and Chen JingAcademy of FoodCounselorFu YuhuiandCollegePartialStudent representatives participated in thisSymposium

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At the beginning of the meetingStudents actively speak,Share your own learning experience、Growth experience and confusion and challenges faced。For these problems,Pan Yile、Chen Jing two teachers gave patient and meticulous answers w88 slot onlineand guidance,Teacher Chen Jing pays special attention to the living conditions of the students,Hope students can actively participate in physical exercise,constantly improving your physical fitness。LastTeacher Pan Yile encourages everyone to love their majors,CourageousPracticeStudy forward

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        The Growth Station of the College Students of the School Customs Working CommitteeExpertDeepOne -stop student community, not only let the students feelOld predecessorsyesYouthStudentsCare and care, helpHelpStudents have establishedLifeStruggleTarget. Everyone said that through this symposiumMoreClarified your future development plan,FutureyourselfIt will definitely improve your comprehensive quality and ability level,FailureOld predecessorsCareandLoveandYitaActualActionforCollegeHigh -qualityDevelopmentMakeyourselfWhat can I reachContribution