The School of Grain Carrying out graduate enrollment preaching activities
Time: 2024-06-12 Author: Zhao Yalang, Xing Hongyu Views: 50

To help the postgraduate students further understand the college information,The School of Food Ceremony recently invited the School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Nanjing Normal University、Nanjing University of Finance and Economics University School of Food Science and Engineering Come to the school to w88 sports bettingcarry w88 online casino bettingout online and offline preaching meetings,Sophomore in the School of Food、junior students participated in the preaching activities。

At the lecture,Teacher Xu Xian, Nanjing Normal University, first revolution at the history of the School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering、Professional settings、Teachers' power、Scientific research achievements and postgraduate entrance examinations have been introduced in detail。She said,Nanjing Normal University School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering is always committed to cultivating high -quality talents with innovative spirit and practical ability,Teaching mode combined with industry -university and research,He has delivered w88 slot onlinea large w88 online casino bettingnumber of outstanding professional talents for the society。

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Teacher Chen Erhu from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics from the application advantage、Teacher advantage、Employment advantage、Disciplinary strength、Scientific research achievements and other aspects of graduate education of the School of Food Science and Engineering,At the same time, it also shared the enrollment policy about Nanjing University of Finance and Economics、Cultivation plan、Examination subjects and other related information,Encourage the majority of students to actively apply for the exam。

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This lecture provided students with the opportunity to contact the college close -up in close distance,To help w88 online sports bettingw88 sports bettingw88 sports bettingstudents from our college better master the postgraduate information、The enthusiasm of inspiring postgraduate entrance examination played a positive role。The School of Food will continue to do a good job of preparation and guidance service for students,Help more students "research" as a "research"!